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No one has an obligation to accept mediocrity. Forget about your current circumstance and not being on a level playing field. You have all you need within your being to accomplish bigger things than anyone could ever imagine.

The world believes winners must be bred,
born, and groomed for greatness.
Nothing could be further from the truth.

Crazy Like Foxes was written by two people no one would have ever believed or predicted could have accomplished much of anything. Emergi ng from nightmarish, abusive childhoods at young, vulnerable ages, Jamie Vrinios and Bob Williamson found themselves abandoned and alone, fighting for survival on the mean streets.

Angry and embittered toward life and homelessness, Williamson turned to alcohol, intravenous drugs, and violent crime to deal with his pain. Vrinios was disowned from her parents and family as a young single mom and struggled with abject poverty living on government assistance and sometimes working as many as three jobs to keep food on the table for her two small children.

Both would be stereotyped as losers and longshots to succeed at anything. They were ridiculed and called crazy by naysayers, but today are übersuccessful by any standard, having raised wonderful families, amassed multimillions of dollars and all that goes with it, not to mention attaining the most important things in life, peace, joy, and love that surpass human understanding.

Giving back is in their DNA, and this book is a part of their quest to help you to likewise wildly succeed and live your dreams beyond your greatest expectation. Crazy Like Foxes is a step-by-step guide that details exactly how they did it and, more important, how YOU can do it. It contains unique perspectives from two very different people who followed near identical paths that led them to the winner’s circle of life. This book will guide you to the exact path that can and will enable you to dramatically change your life forever.

Everyone said they were crazy…
Today, the only thing crazy
is how wildly successful they are.

Jamie Vrinios

from government assistance to mega success

Bob Williamson

from homeless drug addict to multi-millionaire



I know I have battled with feelings of insecurity, unworthiness and self-doubt. That’s why this book is a must read! This book will build your faith, stir your dreams and help you see yourself as God see’s you. I’ve never read anything like it. Life Changing.

– Linne Lane on January 31, 2017

“This book can change your life”

In a world filled with a “dog eat dog mentality” plus a” victim, you owe me attitude” that we find in America, it’s refreshing to see two abused people become multimillionaires who give Jesus the glory. Whether you are a Christian or not this book can change your life.

– Beth Piland, National Sales Director with Mary Kay
Cosmetics on January 30, 2017

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