I know I have battled with feelings of insecurity, unworthiness and self-doubt. That’s why this book is a must read! This book will build your faith, stir your dreams and help you see yourself as God see’s you. I’ve never read anything like it. Life Changing.

– Linne Lane on January 31, 2017

“This book can change your life”

In a world filled with a “dog eat dog mentality” plus a “victim, you owe me attitude” that we find in America, it’s refreshing to see two abused people become multimillionaires who give Jesus the glory. Whether you are a Christian or not this book can change your life.

– By Beth Piland, National Sales Director with Mary Kay Cosmetics on January 30, 2017

“I literally could not put it down!”

‘Crazy Like Foxes’ was a delightful and insightful read. I literally could not put it down! The steps outlined for success from both Jamie and Bob were right on point and were so practical that I will immediately put the concepts into practice. I love that the Bible was quoted and was used to actually back up the applications. The real life triumphs of both authors is all the proof you need to know their plan works!  ‘Procrastination is a cancer to any dream…’ was one of my favorites by Jamie Vrinios. I would recommend this book to anyone who has a BIG BIG dream and is determined to WIN no matter what the present day or past looks like!

– By Cleta Colson-Eyre, Mary Kay Future Executive Sr Director on January 26, 2017

“An exciting, encouraging book and impossible to put down!”

Crazy like Foxes is an exciting, encouraging book and impossible to put down. When I read it I literally could hear the voices of the authors speaking to me. I did not want the stories to end! I enjoyed insight from the perspectives of 2 authors & appreciated the inclusion of personal stories of obstacles and achievements. As I read, I found it fulfilling to meditate on the specific bible verses the authors found most valuable as they persevered through their journeys to success. Crazy Like Foxes will speak powerfully to a spectrum of readers & I look forward to reading future publications by this pair!

– By Beth Bailey, Independent Pink Cadillac Sales Director on January 31, 2017

“Pulls you in with the real life, authentic and genuine stories”

I couldn’t put this book down! Crazy Like Foxes pulls you in with the real life, authentic and genuine stories of the authors as they share how they have navigated and overcome all the ups and downs (some VERY low downs) in business and their lives.  Their passion to see others succeed in life is evident with each chapter as they walk readers through steps and lessons that can be followed by anyone regardless of age, gender, or season in life.  By overcoming their own obstacles and pushing through when the desire to quit was strong, their lives are examples that success is available for everyone who is willing to work hard to achieve it.  The insights shared by Bob and Jamie are inspiring and show what can be accomplished by developing a “warrior mentality” and not giving up on the purpose that God has planned for our lives.

– By Julie Phalen on January 30, 2017

“Bold and rare honesty”

Jamie continues to throw open the “cage door” for so many people, especially women, who have sat too long in the ashes of their own lives.  Crazy Like Foxes details what two people, coming from entirely different directions, can do when they put their lives in God’s hands and work for something bigger then themselves. Bob Williamson and Jamie Vrinios, by the world’s standards, would be an unlikely pair but what they have both done in their lives is not just remarkable, it’s MIRACULOUS. God has brought them together at this time to create a book that is a blueprint for change.  Thank you for your bold and rare honesty.  You are truly brave!  “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.” Philippians 4:13

– By Chelsea Niederklein, Independent Elite Executive Sales Director Wilsonville, Oregon on January 30, 2017

“Beautiful message!”

The hand of God is all over “Crazy Like Foxes.” I have felt the anointing of the Holy Spirit as I’ve read this book even to the point of tears because it will move you to the core of your being. My seven year old daughter has read aloud to be courageous and follow your dreams and that is a strong foundation that will help her and everyone that receives this beautiful message. We will soar like the Eagles God has created us to be!

– By Catherine Piland Rogers on January 30, 2017

“Read it and start fulfilling your destiny!”

Crazy Like Foxes should be read by anyone who has a dream in their heart but feel their circumstances have kept them from fulfilling that dream. Both Bob and Jamie share powerful stories of their difficult pasts that should have made them victims, but instead became the driving force that resulted in their tremendous success. No matter how bad your life has been, this book reveals how you CAN be successful if you take the advice they share. Read it and start fulfilling your destiny!

– By Os Hillman, president, Marketplace Leaders, author, TGIF Today God Is First and Change Agent on January 28, 2017

“A message of HOPE and a beacon of light for the resilient…”

It’s not very often that one runs across a piece of literature that successfully spans multiple arenas and does it not just well, but exceptionally well. “Crazy Like Foxes”, however, does just that. Just as the name would indicate, this unique piece is one that not only encourages and uplifts, but also incorporates very sound business advice coupled with the ever-present component of using one’s faith in our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, to accomplish the seemingly impossible. The compelling stories of Jamie Cruse-Vrinios and Bob Williamson show the reader that no matter how unlikely it seems, we can do ALL things through Christ who strengths us. (Phil 4:13). This book is a message of HOPE and a beacon of light for the resilient, reminding us that we can change ANYTHING in our lives if we simply stop accepting the excuses we create for ourselves and instead take ownership over our God-given strengths.

– By Brie Zamudio, Senior Cadillac Sales Director on January 31, 2017


I couldn’t wait to read Crazy Like Foxes because I knew it came from 2 people who have been transformed by Jesus Christ. Who started from dysfunctional upbringings, to than being more than conquerors in their life obstacles through Christ who strengthened them! When you hear their stories, you can’t help but be INSPIRED, ENCOURAGED and UPLIFTED! Anytime I need a little pick me up, I just pick up the book and read a few pages and I’m back to having that FIRE in my belly to pursue my PASSION. I love how they both give honor to God in their successes and they are UNAPOLOGETIC about pursuing their God given destiny and calling and encourage us to do the same. This is a book you need to read if you are someone who wants to be INSPIRED and encouraged to pursue your God given dreams whole heartily and unapologetically!

– By Naomi Wethje, Mary Kay Sales Director on January 30, 2017

“Setting fire to the dreams that live inside all of us…”

Purpose, passion, fight, and victory – these are the words that resonate throughout Crazy Like Foxes by Bob Williamson and Jamie Vrinios.  Bob paints a forecast for success, and Jamie imprints life giving words while instilling belief. Their attitude and passion towards empowering people to fight is evident through the victory stories told.

Jamie’s boldness in telling the reader over and over that ‘IF’ they are Brave enough to turn the page and ‘IF’ they are Passionate enough to truly believe is what will turn every reader into that Warrior! You can feel her dedication towards setting fire to the dreams that live inside all of us.

Bob’s transparency of a life labeled “worthless” gives the reader a unique perspective into the journey required to achieve greatness.  Readers will be encouraged by the simplicity of his message as Bob shares numerous times in his life when labels were placed on him, but the purpose and passion were so evident that the final label was victory.

Throughout the book there are many stories, but I was personally touched by the story in chapter 7 about a man on the beach.  As a woman who has been personally mentored and molded by Jamie, I have heard about this life changing moment many times, and I was once again brought to tears seeing this story in Crazy Like Foxes.  Tears because of the significance of God’s timing.  Tears because of the presence of God.  Most importantly, tears because this story, along with the others, deserves to be put on paper.  It deserves to be in a book.  It deserves to be told to millions.  It’s one of those life moments that truly reflect the presence of God!

Crazy like foxes is doing exactly that. This book is a combination of two people who have experienced some of life’s most awful circumstances, but, instead of giving up, they have chosen to celebrate God’s impeccable timing, God’s ability to so beautifully mold the Victory, and, as Jamie so boldly reminded us, God’s promise that we WIN.

– By Grace Snively, Executive Senior Sales Director of Mary Kay on February 5, 2017

“Well done. Enjoyed it!”

Bob Williamson and Jamie Vrinios are living examples that the Holy Spirit is still working into today’s world. You will be inspired by their stories. The bonus is their discoveries of how anyone can learn to succeed. I highly recommend Crazy Like Foxes.

– By Archbishop Robert L. Wise, Apostolic Representative for Christian Unity: under Pope Francis on March 9, 2017

“You will be inspired by their stories”

Bob Williamson and Janie Vrinios are living examples that the Holy Spirit is still working into today’s world. You will be inspired by their stories. The bonus is their discoveries of how anyone can learn to succeed. I highly recommend Crazy Like Foxes.

– By Archbishop Robert L. Wise, Apostolic Representative for Christian Unity: under Pope Francis on March 9, 2017

“I could feel my vision becoming more clear and defined”

Jamie Vrinios’ and Bob Williamson’s book “Crazy Like Foxes”  shatters the notion that success is just for the elite, privileged few.  The story of how two people with such diverse backgrounds used the same success principles to rise from poverty and desperate situations to incredible achievement and wealth inspired me, emboldened me and created the FIRE to work purposefully and tirelessly toward my dreams and goals!

As they each shared on topics of passion, strategy, strength, belief and warrior mentality, to name a few, I could feel my vision becoming more clear and defined. “You have to see it first”  “Your vision must become your obsession.”

Their stories of ignoring the naysayers and pushing forward despite the odds encourages me to use other’s disbelief or disregard as motivation to prove the opposite!

This book encourages you to look beyond your own personal goals to the larger impact on those around you, the world, and into eternity; to take action, lean wholeheartedly on the Lord for strength and direction, push through obstacles, learn to be a warrior, and yes, even be CRAZY LIKE FOXES!!

– By Linda Holmquist, Mary Kay Independent Senior Sales Director on February 7, 2017

“Here’s to the crazy ones!”

Raw, honest, inarguable truth! These 2 testimonies kill off any excuses that may be present and inspire you to believe that no matter what you may have gone through, what haunts your past, or what you’re fighting now, you can still win! You don’t have to accept whatever label the world throws at you. This book inspired me to dig deeper, fight harder, and believe bigger. It is a must read for anyone who has a dream in their heart. Jamie loves and believes fiercely in every person’s God given purpose, even when you can’t see it for yourself. I’ve been so blessed to be mentored by her for the past 2 years, and do prison ministry with Bob. Jamie has taught me about life and love and business and most importantly Jesus. So here’s to the crazy ones! The ones crazy enough to believe that with hard work and focus you can get what you want. That it’s ok to be radical and live unapologetically. Because sometimes you have to get crazy. Crazy like a fox!

– By Katey McClenny, Mary Kay Sales Director & Trainer on February 4, 2017

“Absolutely Extraordinary”

Hi Bob, Your book is absolutely extraordinary. Once I started trading it, I could not put it down.
Congratulations brother… The life lessons, principles of success, and the inspirational story of transformation through your courageous and authentic faith is awe-inspiring! May God continue to bless you and use your book, testimony, and life to have its greatest impact now and forever. So proud to call you friend…

– By Steve Fedyski, Chief Operating Officer of Pure Flix Entertainment on June 22, 2017

“I love that this book is not “sugar coated.””

I have personally known Jamie for almost 20 years and when I say she is the “real deal” I mean she is the REAL DEAL!!!   With watching her take this journey as an author with 2 books in the past 2 1/2 years I love what she has literally captured on paper. Her success is true success, long lasting success, and the type of wisdom everyone needs when it comes to building a business.  There are people out there in the business world who only want to capture the bottom dollar and don’t care how they do it (as evidence of some of the trials both Bob and Jamie went through).  Then, there are the small percentage of others that want to help YOU make a change in life and want you to pass it on.

What I can say I love the most about this book is that it is not “sugar coated”. Both authors say repeatedly it takes hard work and many hours to develop the level of success they both have and continue to build. Both talk about the instincts in business and the guts it takes to go against what most so called experts say.  Both come from backgrounds where you would have expected their lives to be tragedies not success stories.

I can personally say, I admire Jamie in every area of her life.   Not only as a business owner but as a woman of God and how she loves her family.   She truly made the decision to go after her dreams and show her children first hand what that looks like and now they are all high achieving business owners. She is also an example of health and wellness to anyone who meets her.  Her discipline in all areas of her life is a great example to model after.

In addition, I have personally loved watching Jamie write this book with Bob Williamson.  Two people with horrible upbringings that have a chance meeting created  a powerful book that is life changing. Bob’s story is truly “mind blowing” and his business sense is like nothing I have ever witnessed before. There literally is not one person in the entire world that cannot relate to him.  To build over 20 successful companies with no mentor…wow.  He is a wonderful example of biblical leadership and taking God as his only partner.  The passion he has for speaking in prisons and not judging anyone is to be admired too. I’m sure most feel forgotten in those circumstances and Bob can offer them hope.

In closing, I wanted so share some of my favorite quotes

“I was passionate about proving those folks wrong who had too me me things such a as:  I would never succeed.  I was bad a “bad seed” and a loser.”

“You can succeed in ways that you and everyone else never considered remotely possible for someone with your perceived “qualifications”. I fulfilled my dreams by first believing in myself, despite what others thought.” – Bob Williamson

“Everyone has been created with unique gifts specially designed to contribute to others in a positive way.  The key is recognizing them.” – Jamie Vrinios

“I want to emphasize that you must WANT this with all of your heart and be willing to go against “herd mentality”.  The only ones who know what you are capable of doing are you and the God who created you and gave you the vision in the first place.” – Jamie Vrinios

“Those individuals who aim to accomplish the REMARKABLE are the ones who are clear in their mind first and have made a promise to themselves to be ALL IN no matter what the “naysayers” declare. – Jamie Vrinios

– By Amanda Marrano, Future Executive Senior Director of Sales on January 30, 2017

“Tangible, step by step ways that we can achieve success”

It seems to be the norm for most people to merely just exist and walk through this life never expecting to do more than go to work, pay their bills and die. They never dare to try. But in their book, “Crazy Like Foxes,” Bob Williamson and Jamie Vrinios dare to dream bigger and challenge their readers to do the same. With their true rags to riches stories, Bob and Jamie show that even though naysayers doubted them and believed they would be nothing, with God nothing is impossible. God loves to take the meek, the humble, and the people that the world would look at as nothing, and raise them up to be a catalytic voice to the nations. God gets the most glory out of shaming the wise, and after reading this book, I am sure, without a shadow of a doubt, that God will be praised and honored because of the good work He is doing through the lives of Bob and Jamie.

“Crazy Like Foxes” lays out tangible, step by step ways that we as readers can achieve success. It will take guts and grit, and most are unwilling to even fight for true success, but to truly change the world is worth every amount of sweat, blood, and tears. I was absolutely and total blown away by the transparency of these authors as they poured out their hearts about this topic. Bob specifically highlights this towards the end of the book when he tells readers that entrepreneurs will experience exceedingly long and difficult days, time away from family and friends, months of little to no pay off, and at many times, true discouragement. He writes, “So why would anyone in his right mind want to embark on a course such as this? Because we want to change the world, reach for the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, do something significant and make our indelible mark on this life.” This rings true in my soul, as I reflect on even my short time as an entrepreneur. There are long nights, and sometimes grueling work, naysayers, doubters, and often moments where it is hard to truly see the fruits of your labor, but through both Bob and Jamie’s stories, readers are able to see that there is truly beauty that comes from pain. Reading about Jamie’s walk through her healing hit very close to home. Imagining the pain and weakness she had to endure, while still choosing to get up each day and fight – she is truly a warrior, and encourages each of us to be filled with the same passion and commitment to keep striving, pushing, and fighting. As I read her story, I was reminded of how blessed I am, to actually personally know her and to be mentored by her – a true warrior. She and Bob both write about having a “Warrior Mentality” and to rise up with the “wings of a warrior” – which is absolutely required if you are committed to your purpose and destiny. “Crazy Like Foxes” is sure to ignite its readers with passion and drive to succeed and push past their limitations into a glorious and purposeful life. I absolutely know this book will impact millions of people, and inspire them to achieve greatness!

– By Katy Goldstein, Senior Cadillac Sales Director on February 2, 2017

“It challenged my feelings, emotions, and thought processes”

CRAZY Like FOXES inspired me no matter how hard your past was, or what you might be going through in life now you have a choice to make… to either stop you, or decide to go through it, and decide you are not going to allow the hurt of your past to determine your future. It challenged my feelings, emotions, and my thought process to break free of the very thing that I was most of afraid of fear of “loss.”

I realized my past is the very thing that is holding me back from my future that God wants to do in my life and so many other lives as well through me. I am very good at blocking my past out. I never got to the root of the real me of why I stop at a certain level in my life, now I know.

I was raised by 2 great parents. I had 2 older brothers a great perfect family until the age of 6… Three days before my 7th birthday my brother which I was VERY CLOSE TO was killed on his motorcycle at the age of 12 that day was a turning point with my family. My oldest brother ran away from home, my mom had a nervous breakdown , my dad was alcoholic became very verbally abusive to my mom they blamed each other for the loss. My home was a wreck and got worse, I stayed to myself never wanted to rock the boat to bring any more pain to them. When I was 8 I was molested by a family member (cousin) and I never told ANYONE I never wanted to upset the family any more than what they were going through. I just pretended that it never happened and went on with my life.

My parents got a divorce when I was 12 years old. My mom had told me she was leaving my dad and I knew I wanted to go live with her. I didn’t like my dad. I was really never close to him, I was a mama’s girl. After coming home from school one day all of her belongings were gone and she left him and me. My mom was my best friend, my rock I thought ….There was over a year not hearing or seeing my mom… Me and my dad just looked at each other and said well I guess it’s just you and I, so we need to get to know each other lol, We began to get close, I really begin to feel so sorry for him even though he did have a drinking problem and was very high temper he treated me like a princess. I was cooking, cleaning, driving yes driving because so many nights my dad was too drunk to drive, so I would have to drive home from ballgames, school, or from out to dinner. My dad was a very successful business owner money was not a problem it was what I lived everyday with guilt, shame, bitter, anger, and hate… I would lay in bed cry myself to sleep wanting my mom back, but so mad at her at the same time.

My mom finally came around, we fought, I blamed her for everything she was in and out of different marriages after my dad. She was married to the last man for 18 years we really liked him until he at the age of 70 walked out and left her for another woman (really at 70 years old) with over $180,000 in debt now GUESS WHO WAS THERE TO HELP HER? Yes I was!!! I was married and had joined Mary Kay and was a director making a great income so I had a husband that made really great money also, so I worked for free yes I took and had my commission check deposited into her bank account every single month for 3 years she never had to worry. I was holding appointments building a business never took a penny, until my husband lost his business over millions like the biggest bankruptcy in 3 counties. I had to make some different changes let go my dream home of 8,500 sq moved into a smaller home , get my income back ,and put my mom into Mary Kay she had to work with me. She became a director and won her car. My mom was doing really well for herself until one day she told me she was not feeling really good and was passing blood , I took her to the Dr. she had colon cancer, she passed away 2 years ago.

My dad died 4 years ago with cirrhosis of the liver… Life goes on and know the choices we make today we live with tomorrow.

I have learned to forgive and have peace GOD IS GOOD! HE IS THE ONE THAT NEVER LEFT ME NOR FORSAKEN ME.

I love reading books like CRAZY Like FOXES, because it reminds me that I was one of those crazy foxes to.

– By Michelle Cape on February 1, 2017

“He loved your book so much he started passing it around to his friends”

I wanted to thank you and share with you a quick story about your book .. Crazy Like Foxes … I have been a Mary Kay consultant for 13 years. I have never found wild success with my Mary Kay business but have stayed a consultant and plugged in because I need and value the Mary Kay culture in my life. I mentioned I wanted your book and my 15 yr daughter searched until she found it for me for my birthday. After reading I suggested my son who is 17 read this book because he has a goal of attending Harvard in the fall of 2018. In our rural Texas town his goal is way outside of the box! Goals like this are not encouraged. I tell you all of this because he loved your book so much he started passing it around to his friends. Who knew your book would be passed around like candy in a the boys weight room. Apparently there is a waiting list to read your book among these high school boys. It spoke to one particular young man who was born with a cleft palate and abandon by his parents. He has been raised by his elderly grandfather. He has spent his high school years attending and performing in events alone and without a parent there to cheer him on. He now believes he can follow through with his post graduation plans even though he doesn’t have family pushing him to do so. Thank you for not only inspiring me, but my son, and the boys athletic class in small town Texas. I know you get to see the fruit of the seeds you plant in the Mary Kay realm but I wanted to affirm to you that it reaches far beyond that!

– By Belinda on May 30, 2017